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Dr. Amina Sillah(Ph.D), an educator, entrepreneur, and international development analyst, who currently works at the Department of Political Science at Towson University, USA, has won an international award that recognizes sixty (60) extraordinary African Women in Development, including activists, change-makers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries.

She had been named as an awardee for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards. The awards recognize outstanding women whose projects, work within teams, and activism are transforming lives in their communities and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to a media release from the award organizers, 60 extraordinary women, including activists, change-makers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries, have been announced as awardees for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards

The awards recognize outstanding African women whose work is transforming lives in their communities and countries, helping to achieve the SDGs.

More than 700 entries from 20 African countries were received this year. The finalists were selected following rigorous research and selection process, the press release stated.

The Chief Executive Officer of Donors for Africa Foundation and initiator of the awards, Chidi Koldsweat, explains: “The awards are collated every year to document the stories of African women leading change across the continent. Most importantly, it is set up to become a repository of research findings, Think Tanks, advocacy groups, policymakers, and women who have the capacity and access to contribute to nation-building”.

In all parts of Africa, women deliver a vast range of impressive innovations every day. Much of what they do may go unnoticed or be taken for granted and is largely undocumented. We are inspired to document their journey and work together to advance development on the continent.

“Yet, often it is what women do which makes all the difference, especially now at a time of unimaginable human suffering inflicted by the pandemic and increasing economic crisis”.

“The award recipients remind us that there is no lack of ideas or talent, but of support mechanisms necessary for women to thrive and be active transformers to economies.

“So, our initiatives puts a spotlight on outstanding women who are bringing innovative ideas and creative solutions to support, lead and deliver a future of peace, prosperity, and progress.”

The Awards

The call for nominations was announced along International Women’s Day on March 11th, 2022. The selection committee included government representatives, development experts, and women leaders from Africa. This year’s award will close with a virtual conference with leading speakers in Governments in Egypt & Ivory Coast, amongst others.

We celebrate our awardees and applaud their efforts in successfully addressing the challenges posed by events in their communities.

Please click the link to view a comprehensive list – https://donorsforafricafoundation.org/announcing-our-top-60-african-women-in-development-awid-2022/

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