In a display of commitment to youth empowerment, GYIN Gambia Chapter was honored to participate in the UN National Youth Consultations 2023. This significant event brought together young minds from diverse backgrounds to deliberate on the pivotal role of youth in promoting peace and advancing the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda in The Gambia.

The journey at the National Youth Consultations was a remarkable one, marked by enriching experiences and insightful discussions. The event featured engaging panel discussions, collaborative group consultations, and spirited dialogues, with a particular focus on the well-being of youth, especially in the context of sexual and reproductive health. It was a space where young voices could freely express their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations.

Our Business Development Officer Ida L.B Ceesay represented GYIN Gambia Chapter within the “Decent Work” group. During this session, Ida had the opportunity to address pressing issues affecting young entrepreneurs, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

In partnership with the United Nations, GYIN Gambia Chapter is unwavering in its commitment to shaping a brighter future for the dynamic and diverse youth population of The Gambia. The insights and innovative solutions discussed during these consultations will serve as guiding principles for the development of future youth programs and policies, ensuring that they are tailored to meet the real needs and aspirations of young people.

At the heart of GYIN Gambia Chapter’s mission is the dedication to empowering youth, fostering peace, and making a tangible impact, not only in our community but also beyond. The consultations were a testament to the importance of involving young voices in the decision-making process.

Young people are instrumental in building and promoting sustainable peace and development. They actively engage in community service, civil society organizations, state institutions, and more to advocate for the needs of their communities. Despite representing a significant portion of the population, they face increasing risks to their well-being, safety, and livelihood.

The National Youth Consultations served as a platform to give a voice to the youth of The Gambia, encompassing their diversity and geographic locations. The findings from these consultations will be compiled into a comprehensive report that will inform future programs and policies geared towards empowering the youth.

We invite you to join us in our mission for youth empowerment, peace-building, and the creation of meaningful change. Together, we are shaping a better tomorrow!

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