The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN Gambia Chapter) recently celebrated the certification handover to 14 young, aspiring, and passionate participants of the new Training Program Marketing & Advertisement with the AIDA-Model on the 16th of October 2023. The 14 participants have either founded their businesses or are shaping their business ideas. This moment marks a significant step towards empowering and equipping the youth of The Gambia with the skills needed to excel in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

The certificate handover was graced by the Executive Director of GYIN Gambia Chapter Mr. Mamadou Edrisa Njie, the Business Development Officer Ida LB Ceesay, the CEO and entrepreneur of Solotech Designs and Greenafrique Ibraheem Alhassan Jatta as well as the trainer, German ASA-Intern and Founder of Inspiresouls e.V. Antonia Kambouris. The participants received their certificates with pride, a testament to their commitment to achieving their dreams and contributing to the country’s prosperity.

The 14 participants come from diverse backgrounds and sectors, but they all share a common vision – to sustain a good life and contribute to the growth of the economy and business sector in The Gambia. These young people are committed to making a positive impact on their communities and the nation as a whole. Their businesses range from agriculture and Graphic Design startups to fashion and food ventures, showcasing the innovation and dynamism of Gambia’s youth.

The activities of the GYIN Gambia Chapter align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly two key goals:

  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth – The GYIN Gambia Chapter is dedicated to nurturing a generation of entrepreneurs who can create job opportunities for themselves and others, ultimately contributing to decent work and sustainable economic growth in the country.
  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – By providing young entrepreneurs with training in marketing and advertising, the GYIN Gambia Chapter is supporting the growth of innovative industries and fostering the development of essential infrastructure for businesses to thrive.

The certificate handover ceremony to the 14 young entrepreneurs and business leaders who completed the Marketing and Advertisement Training Program using the AIDA model is a testament to the commitment of the GYIN Gambia Chapter to empower and inspire the youth of The Gambia.

As they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, their diverse business ventures all converge on the shared vision of contributing to a better quality of life for their fellow citizens and helping The Gambia thrive. The GYIN Gambia Chapter continues to be an inspiration of hope and opportunity for young entrepreneurs, and this certificate handover ceremony is a shining example of the potential that lies within the nation’s youth, waiting to be harnessed for the betterment of The Gambia and its people.

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