In the heart of Sutukonding Village, nestled within the serene landscapes of the Wuli West District in the Upper River Region of The Gambia, lies S&D Farm. It is not just a farm but a testament to the commitment of Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) members towards environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Dembo Keita is the CEO of S&D Farm and was one of the 30 nominees of the GYIN Gambia Chapter Rural Youth Award 2023. We are proud of Dembo Keita and his initiative S&D Farm to create positive change with regards to sustainability and environmental conservation in The Gambia.

A Green Oasis with a Purpose

S&D Farm offers a remarkable variety of tree seedlings, ranging from delectable fruit-bearing trees like mangoes, oranges, papayas, and cashews to the majestic forest trees like Gmaliana, eucalyptus, mahogany, and Bunkung. The farm also houses agroforestry trees like moringa, which play a vital role in sustainable agriculture and nutrition.

What sets S&D Farm apart is its unwavering dedication to a higher cause. As a member of GYIN Gambia Chapter, the farm channels its efforts and resources towards initiatives that extend beyond its immediate goals. Every tree purchased at S&D Farm contributes to their broader mission.

Supporting Sustainability and Conservation

The proceeds from the sale of tree seedlings are not just for profit. S&D Farm invests these funds into projects that hold the key to a greener, more sustainable future. One such project is the fencing of the farm, which not only protects the delicate ecosystem within but also symbolizes the commitment to safeguarding our environment.

Additionally, S&D Farm is implementing an irrigation system powered by a Borehole. This initiative is a testament to the farm’s resilience against climate change and its commitment to consistent, sustainable agriculture. Through these projects, S&D Farm aligns with GYIN Gambia Chapter’s vision of promoting climate-resilient and sustainable agriculture practices.

S&D Farm invites all stakeholders with a passion for nature, climate action, biodiversity conservation, and environmental protection to join hands in this endeavor. Whether you are an individual nature enthusiast, a climate change advocate, or a representative of a non-governmental organization (NGO) or civil society organization (CSO), your support can make a significant difference. By purchasing tree seedlings from S&D Farm, you are not only enriching your own surroundings but also contributing to a global movement. Your support echoes GYIN Gambia Chapter’s commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture, reforestation, and the preservation of biodiversity.

Furthermore, S&D Farm extends its services to include tree planting and transplanting, making it easier for individuals and organizations to green their spaces at reasonable prices.

In S&D Farm, GYIN has found a dedicated member and partner in its mission to foster sustainable agricultural practices, environmental conservation, and community development. The farm’s commitment to channeling its resources towards environmental projects that benefit the community and the planet at large exemplifies the spirit of GYIN Gambia Chapter.

Together, as we nurture and plant these tree seedlings from S&D Farm, we sow the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future.

Location: SUTUKONDING VILLAGE, WULI WEST DISTRICT, Upper River Region of The Gambia.

Contact S&D Farm at +2207884947 or +2203907648, and you can also reach them via email at or

Let’s make a difference together, one tree at a time, as proud members of GYIN Gambia Chapter!

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