In a recent meeting held on the 9th of October 2023, the GYIN Gambia Chapter had the privilege of connecting with Ibraheem Al Hassan Jatta, a shining example of the transformative power of our programs and the unwavering commitment of our community members.

Ibraheem’s journey with GYIN Gambia Chapter began as one of our participants in a training program, and today, he stands as a beacon of inspiration. He embarked on an entrepreneurial path and founded Solotech, a successful business specializing in digital solutions. Ibraheem’s journey from participant to trainer and to entrepreneur, founder and Chairman is a testament to his dedication and the opportunities that GYIN Gambia Chapter provides.

Ibraheem, who conducted a 1-month-long training program on Digital Literacy for GYIN Gambia Chapter, is not just a member; he’s an honored member of our GYIN Gambia Chapter community. His passion for digital literacy and his commitment to sharing knowledge have left a lasting impact on our network.

But Ibraheem’s journey doesn’t stop there. He’s now in the process of founding a new NGO on the horizon called Greenafrique, which is set to make waves in the realms of climate awareness and action. This new endeavor aligns seamlessly with GYIN’s mission and values, and we are thrilled to announce that Ibraheem as well as GYIN Gambia Chapter seek to continue and strengthen their partnership and collaboration in various initiatives, programs, and projects.

Greenafrique’s upcoming activities will encompass sensitizing people about climate change and teaching climate change actions. Greenafrique’s agenda extends to agricultural initiatives, such as the cultivation of fruit gardens to promote health and well-being, especially in low-income regions. Agribusiness, waste recycling, tree planting and gardening are all part of their multifaceted approach to address global climate issues. Their overarching objective is the protection of the environment, which includes conducting research to find better solutions for climate change mitigation. One of Greenafrique’s primary goals is to establish partnerships and collaborations with corporations, with a particular focus on West African countries. Their vision emphasizes intersectionality and international cooperation. Greenafrique’s mission to raise awareness about climate change and drive concrete actions resonates deeply with our shared values. Ibraheem’s vision for the organization is rooted in the belief that together, we can make a substantial difference in addressing the pressing issues of our time.

As Greenafrique takes its first steps, Ibraheem is keen to ensure that the collaboration with GYIN Gambia Chapter remains a cornerstone of their efforts. Together, we will work towards a greener, healthier future, harnessing the collective power of knowledge, passion, and collaboration to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. GYIN Gambia Chapter is honored to continue this remarkable journey alongside Ibraheem and Greenafrique, knowing that our combined efforts will create a positive impact on our environment and our communities.

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