Since technology has become an essential part in our everyday lives, it is not just about staying connected but also about empowerment and innovation. In this fruitful meeting on the 10th of October GYIN Gambia Chapter and the University of The Gambia School of Information Communication Technology Association (UTG-ITCA) recognised and appreciated the importance of technology awareness and literacy among the youth in The Gambia.

Fostering Tech and Digital Literacy for a Brighter Future

The primary goal of this collaboration is to promote technology awareness and literacy among young individuals in The Gambia. UTG-ITCA has been at the forefront of this mission for the past 10 years, showcasing technological skills and knowledge to the youth and children. Their activities include raising awareness about technology, social media, as well as the protection of websites from cyberattacks, an increasingly critical aspect of the digital age.

One of their standout initiatives is the ITCA week, organized by the association and the university. During this week, they conduct boot camps and offer educational courses in areas like Coding, Graphic Design, Data-Based Analyses, and Java programming, which are widely used by lecturers to deliver lessons. Their aim is to reshape the narrative of technology in The Gambia, ensuring that young minds have the right expectations and aspirations for their personal and professional lives. Part of this initiative is the introduction of technology-related content into school curriculums, a vital step in preparing the youth for the tech-driven future.

Collaboration for Impact

The proposal put forth during the meeting suggests a joint organization and hosting of the annual event called “Technology Awareness Day” in The Gambia. This event would focus on technology sensitization, skills development, entrepreneurship, innovation, networking opportunities, and community engagement. The cooperation between GYIN Gambia Chapter and UTG-ITCA leverages the expertise of the latter in technology education and the vast network and experience of the former in youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

GYIN Gambia Chapter’s Commitment

GYIN Gambia Chapter is no stranger to the power of technology. Thought the integration of information and communication technology into their training programs, offering Digital Literacy and operating Rural Incubation Hubs equipped with computers and internet access, their expertise in the ITCA grew steady over the past years. GYIN Gambia Chapter’s focus extends to the agricultural value chain, covering production, distribution, marketing, and labeling.

This collaboration between GYIN Gambia Chapter and the University of The Gambia School of Information Communication Technology Association (UTG-ITCA) is a testament to the power of unity and shared goals. GYIN Gambia Chapter and UTG-ITCA are working hand in hand to empower the youth with the skills and knowledge they need for a brighter future in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey of transformation and empowerment!

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